How did I lose 15 kgs in 4 months?

Before I went through the whole delivery process, I planned on getting back to working out and dieting right after.Only to find out later, that it took me almost 4 weeks just to be able to walk properly. But eventually, I was able to reduce those 15 kgs in about 4 months. So here I am sharing my personal experience on when I started to work out and what I started doing.

It took me almost 6 months to be ready to hit the gym again. I had accepted that I needed to give my body rest and then start working on it later. Since I was breastfeeding my son, I was not dieting at all but eating only good healthy food. Although a lot of girls do lose weight by breastfeeding , it did not happen with me.

Once I started going to the gym I started with Zumba and Bollywood dance class. Yes, I feel Cardio gives you the best results for losing weight.

There is a lot of science and well, math that goes behind weight loss. The calories you consume should be less than the calories you burn to lead to weight loss. It’s pretty simple but let’s talk more about this in a later post. Cardio was a good start for me to start seeing results since I enjoyed it. Actually, anything you love to do and enjoy is a good start – be it yoga, Tabata, Zumba, dance class, jogging, running or simply walking! It is all about taking the first step and getting started.

Also, you can never see results if you keep consuming the wrong food or food in the wrong proportions. So I planned a diet for myself and limited my calorie intake to about 1400 calories a day. Everybody is different and needs to figure out their BMR etc. to figure out the calories they should consume. [ I will share my diet and ore details on BMR etc. in future posts]. I did give up all junk and sweets ( with a cheat meal exception😉) and kept myself motivated! I have a sweet tooth and it is impossible for me to curb all my sweet cravings, so I started to make healthy desserts ( like protein date balls, banana nut bread, Banana nice cream- all recipes on my blog). Eventually, I started basic weight training to built more strength.

Controlling my diet and doing regular cardio did start showing me results. I lost about 2 kgs in the first 2 weeks. Seeing results will definitely motivate you further. But my main motivation came from walking into my closet. Yes, you read that right! All those lovely dresses, jumpsuits and skirts hanging in my closet screamed at me to get in shape and fit right back in them. It always helps to have some motivation in mind.

So in a nutshell, find your motivation, make a diet plan, avoid eating out, start with an exercise you love doing, keep going, and remember you can do it! Get up and get going


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