“You can never get back in shape post pregnancy”, they said!

I am sure one of the most googled topics on the internet for new moms, along with a zillion other baby-related questions, is ” How to lose pregnancy weight” and I completely get it since I was one of those moms. For 9 months straight you eat healthily, take optimum care of your body to nurture the beautiful life within you and once the baby is out you hope to be back in your perfect pre-pregnancy shape, only to realize that you still look 6 months pregnant! Well, there are a few lucky ones who do not gain weight and look like a celebrity straight out of the hospital, but then everybody is different and I clearly wasn’t one of them.

After my delivery, I put on a good 15 kgs. I did not fit in any of my old clothes and was still wearing my maternity clothes. I did not like going out, dressing up, or getting any pictures taken. As much as I was enjoying the new phase of motherhood, I was also terribly starting to hate my body. Initial few months I was very weak and due to some postpartum complications exercising was not an option. I did feel very helpless and wanted to hit the gym as soon as possible. A lot of people told me – “You will never get back to shape post-pregnancy” , “You won’t be able to fit in your old clothes ever again “, may be they had good intentions to make me less worried about the whole situation , but all it did was make me lose all hope and feel terrible for myself. I so wanted to prove them wrong. Along the way I learnt that one should accept the changes your body has gone through and love yourself.

But this post is not to talk about when I started or how I lost my weight. That, I will talk about later. This post is to motivate all you beautiful ladies that a majority of us go through these feelings postpartum and that it is completely FINE, It is okay to put on weight, It is okay to not be in your best shape, It will all be fine! Everybody is different and loses weight at their own pace. What is more important is getting fit and healthier every day!

About the pregnancy weight – Don’t lose hope or be disheartened – You have gained all that weight over a period of long 9 months, so it will take some time to lose it too.There are no shortcuts, you will have to work hard for it but you most definitely can get back to shape.

Your body has gone through so many changes and has worked so damn hard to create a tiny human being! So pat yourself on the back, give your body well deserved rest, and remember it may take time but you will get there. 

Embrace the superpower that your body is. 

Relax, enjoy motherhood, and play with those tiny feet and hands – trust me they grow up real fast.

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