Things you should stock up before bringing the baby home!!!

When I was pregnant with Viaan and started to even think about buying baby stuff, I had absolutely no idea how to begin. I reached out to a lot of my experienced friends for help and asked them to send me a list of items I should get. Spent hours and hours on the internet googling which brand is best for the baby, what to buy, what not to buy etc. Things got pretty crazy to the extent that when I went out the only thing I was looking at was which stroller other people were using 🤣


So here is my quick list of things you should stock up before you get the baby home [also because you will have no time for anything later anyways 🙄😁 ]

  1. Travel system: Black Friday had some sweet deals on travel systems last year( Car seat + stroller). Buying a travel system can be very confusing since there are so many options in the market! I  went to Macro baby to look at all the options and see for myself. We bought Britax B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System in a super awesome deal during Black Friday at an unbelievable price of $240 ( Orig price $439)! (TIP: We were able to get this deal by getting a price match done at Babies R us last year comparing it to Amazon’s price. A lot of retailers do price match so be sure to check online before you buy)

IMPORTANT: One thing you should be aware of before investing in a travel system is that you will probably have to buy a convertible car seat when the baby is about 12 months. The car seat that comes with the travel system usually has a weight restriction of about 35lbs and height restriction of 32 inches. Although Viaan is far from these height and weight limits he does not like sitting in the car seat anymore. The convertible car seat goes from newborn to 65 lbs in most brands. Some people chose to buy the convertible car seat and a stroller separately rather than going for a travel system. The downsides of going with this option are:

  1. You cannot remove the convertible car seat and fix it on a stroller. The convertible car seat stays in your car and is exclusively for car travel only.
  2. The baby cannot be put in the stroller until he sits so you will have to go for a bassinet attachment for your stroller for the baby’s initial 6 months.

It is a personal choice as to what is more convenient for you. I chose the travel system to be able to lift my car seat, put it on the stroller and go out without disturbing my baby’s sleep.


2. Crib and Mattress/ Bassinet/ Co sleeper: An extendible crib is a good investment since it can be used for a newborn baby, toddler and it even converts into a single bed for older kids ( although they would want to get something fancy by then🙄😉 ). We attached it to our bed keeping one side open and I felt it was very convenient since I was stress-free that he is in a secure space yet right next to us.  If you plan to cosleep a secure sleeper would be best (such as Snuggle Nest XL sleeper).

3.  Bathtub: Since we/ have a kitchen sink with a divider most of the bathtubs did not fit in well. I tried a few of them and loved the Puj Tub for when the baby was very little ( till 2-3 months). We then moved on to get the fisher price Bathtub with sling attachment.

4. Bottles: We got Dr. Brown’s anti-colic bottles for Viaan since a friend recommended and I found them to be really good! It comes with multiple attachments which is a hassle to clean but it sure does work to prevent colic and gas in babies. We got the starter kit which has bottles, brushes, and nipples ( size 0-3).


5. Sterilizer: For me, it is one of the must-have items. You can sterilize the bottles in boiling water for 5 -7 minutes BUT using a sterilizer would save you a LOT of time. For cleaning the bottle we now use a dishwasher ( we initially hand washed everything and was suggested of using the dishwasher by Viaan’s ped) and then use the sterilizer! This ensures the bottles are absolutely clean and sterile.

6. Bottle warmer:  I did not use a microwave for heating up Viaan’s milk so a bottle warmer was much needed especially to warm up frozen stored breastmilk bottles.

7. Breast Pump: If you plan on breastfeeding you must consider getting a breast pump before you bring the baby home. It helps immensely if the baby doesn’t latch or you have an inverted nipple or for when you plan to go back to work etc.. Most of the insurance companies in the U.S. provide options for getting a breast pump for free but it takes a few weeks to deliver so it is better you place the order well in advance.

8. Diaper disposable system: Definitely need a diaper disposal system in place to seal all those smelly poopy diapers. Some good brands are diaper genie, munchkin step or Tomee Tippee.

9. Baby Safety Kit: This kit contains a bunch of healthcare and grooming items such as baby clippers, nail filers, comb, suction bulb, thermometer etc.. Most of these kits do not come with a digital thermometer or a lighted clipper. I recommend getting these separately.

10. Nursing Pillow: I used a boppy pillow for the first few months to keep the baby in an optimal position while feeding. Feeding sessions for the initial few months are usually VERY LONG and so it is very difficult to hold on to the baby without support. I felt it was of great use while breastfeeding. This one is absolutely not a necessary item in any way but more for your convenience.

11. Travel crib: I love love love to travel and so this one was a must have for us! It was very convenient for us to take along to hotels or even to a friends place for that matter. I was at peace knowing that he isn’t sleeping on any unhygienic linen in the hotel and wouldn’t fall off in his sleep. (btw we got the Graco pack and play)

Some other daily essentials are:

11. Burp Cloths

12. Diapers ( size 0-1): We have always used Pampers swaddles for Viaan and they are pretty good. It has an indicator that makes it easy to know when the diaper is full.

13. Baby wipes (Alcohol-free and unscented ones are the best to avoid itching, diaper rashes etc.)

14. Diaper changing pad/ Portable changing pad: The portable one is a must buy to use in public washrooms for hygienic reasons


15. Baby laundry detergent – ( Unscented ones are the best for the baby to avoid rashes, allergies etc)

16. Some baby toys/ soothers / Rattles

17. Baby formula ( Do not buy in bulk even if you plan to formula feed exclusively. Try a brand, check if it suits the baby. Make sure the baby doesn’t throw up / has gas etc. If the baby is comfortable then get more + Keep a few small packets handy even if you plan on breastfeeding ( just in case you face some issues breastfeeding))

18. Baby soap and Shampoo:  I love the California Baby soap and shampoo. Aveeno and Burt’s bee are some other brands I like. But since he had Eczema we had to try quite a few to see which one suited him best.

19. Oil for massage: A massage is very beneficial for the baby. You can choose Clarified butter( Ghee), Organic sesame oil or Organic coconut oil for a nice massage before a bath.

So, this is a quick list of items I feel should be stocked up before you bring the baby home. There are so many items you need to stock up for the healing mother too! I will write about those in a separate post soon.

Hope you find this helpful. Also, please let me know if I have missed something important!


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