We dressed up for Mickey’s Not so scary Halloween party @ Magic Kingdom! [Some cool tips included]

Every year Disney hosts this awesome Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party at Magic Kingdom and although I have been to one before, I definitely wanted to take Viaan there for his first Halloween!!

It is held on selected nights between August to October every year and the time for the party is from 7 pm to midnight. (TIP: Not a lot of people know that you are allowed to enter around 4 pm). You can book your tickets online. In fact, I would suggest doing that since the tickets for the less expensive nights sell out pretty quickly and also because you can show your online ticket at the gate and skip the long lines at the ticket counter.

This is the only time Disney allows you to dress up as your favorite characters. So make sure you get your costumes in time for the event !! A lot of families dressed up as their favorite characters and we dressed up too as Sebastian, Prince Eric, and Ariel ( from Little Mermaid 🙂 ). I was so excited and arranged the dresses well in advance. But be sure to check out the costume policy if you plan to dress up: Dress policy for Halloween @ Disney

The entire park was decorated beautifully and there were a lot of rides for kids and babies of all ages. Since we went on a weekend we could not do a lot because we were stuck in crazy busy lines. We waited in line for an hour to meet Winnie the Pooh and gang! If you are travelling from outside of Orlando it is best to visit on a weekday. Also, it is best you create a list of rides you would like to go to depending on the age of the kids accompanying and get the express pass {FREE for 3 rides} in the Disney world mobile app ( You can do this 24 hours before you visit). Also, it is best to do character meets before the majority of the crowd enters at 7 pm!

I feel the Halloween party is the best way to visit Disney with a baby since it is in the evenings after the scorching Florida sun goes down! We did a few character meetups which Viaan really enjoyed.  He also loved some of the slow rides like ” It’s a small world” and “Winnie the pooh”. There were lots of candy stations set up throughout the park for Trick or treat (they provide a bag too). Also, there is a special Halloween parade worth watching!! P.S.:–>Don’t forget to check out the famous headless horse at the beginning of the parade. Viaan got a little scared by some of the characters in the parade but overall enjoyed it.  The sound can be a little too much for babies specially during the parade, so I recommend taking a sound proof ear muff and use whenever needed.  I got mine from Amazon: Sound proof Ear muff 

There are lots of food and dessert options all throughout the park. There is also a dessert party ( during the Halloween party nights) at the Tomorrow land Terrace restaurant which you can book in advance.

Lastly, the night came to an end with the absolutely surreal and magical fireworks at the castle!! Overall it was a wonderful experience and I would love to go next year as well !!

If you have similar Halloween experiences or if you have any questions feel free to comment below!

10 thoughts on “We dressed up for Mickey’s Not so scary Halloween party @ Magic Kingdom! [Some cool tips included]

  1. You guys look really cute in the costumes. We don’t celebrate Halloween here in Fiji. Some people play dress up but there are no special place or Halloween party to attend. I wish we had something like that here. I enjoyed reading this post. So fun☺

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  2. Wow great tips! We will be there in January with our toddler so unfortunately we will miss out on the Halloween fun 😦
    If we are fortunate enough to travel there again I would love to come when we can experience this awesome sounding event. Thanks for sharing!

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