My Baby shower + 5 stores to find your perfect baby shower dress!!

I did not have a traditional Indian Baby shower since neither my family nor my husband’s family was here in Orlando back then. So we planned for a get-together kinda Baby shower with just our closest of friends!! It was so wonderful to be with all of them and needless to say I danced my heart out !!!



Venue: Tabla Indian Cuisine: They offer the choicest selection of North Indian and Thai delicacies and desserts.  Dal Makhani and Gulab jamun Brulee are a MUST try at this restaurant.  Totally loved the desserts since I was craving sweets so bad during my entire pregnancy!

Theme: ‘Adventure awaits’: One of my very creative friends took charge of the decorations and made the place look amazing!

Cake: We got a Berry Vanilla cake from ‘Bake A Wish’ in Lake Mary. Not only did it taste awesome it looked beautiful and suited the theme so well.



  1. ‘Smell the poop’ – A few diapers had melted chocolate pieces in it that looked like baby poop and the guests had to smell and guess the chocolate
  2. Guess the baby food
  3. Paper dance
  4. Diaper on a balloon

We also asked our friends to suggest baby names and guess the baby’s details on a guess card (I got these cards from Amazon). It is so much fun to read them now when Viaan is here.

I had a hard time finding the perfect dress for the event mainly because in the third trimester the bump grows almost every day and I had no idea about it! I had to return the dress I bought initially only to later realize that I wouldn’t be able to fit into it on the day of the party!

Strangely, very few stores have maternity clothing available and those available are not really glamorous. Anyone who knows me knows my love for clothes!! So I did a lot of research both online and in stores and finally found my perfect dress. I got it from Macy’s and it was not a maternity gown but a normal evening gown in which I could fit in.

Some of the best places to find your perfect Baby shower outfit are:

1. Macy’s evening gown section/ maternity section: You can definitely look for a nice evening gown/dress not necessarily from the maternity clothing section that you fit in (especially the gowns that are free-flowing waist under). It will most definitely be 2 or 3 sizes more than what you wore before pregnancy to accommodate the belly, but you can get it altered later!


2. Motherhood maternity stores: I did find some good options at the motherhood maternity stores too. Although, I felt they had more collection of everyday wear clothes rather than for an occasion.


3. ASOS: I loved their collection of maternity dresses!! I got a dress for my maternity photo shoot and simply LOVED it! Very stylish and different! The only problem is that it is an online store and you cannot try to see how it looks before you purchase. However, they have a really good collection and if you do not like it or don’t fit into it they accept returns of unused products.

4. PinkBlush Maternity: An absolutely beautiful collection of all sorts of maternity clothing! Not only do they have lots of options to chose from for your baby shower dress, but you can also find some very unique and pretty everyday clothes too! Gorgeous collection of Plus size and photoshoot clothes also available!


5. A Pea in the pod:  They have a few exclusive stores, however, you can find this brand in a lot of Motherhood maternity stores too.  Lots of beautiful, stylish and comfortable options to choose from! Make sure to look into their return policy before you buy from the online store.

Where to find stores? :

Online store Link:



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